Essex County Pre-release and Re-entry Center


Originally opened by the City of Lawrence in 1869 as a reform school for boys with behavioral problems, the Essex County Pre-release and Re-entry Center (ECPRC) in Lawrence has been a part of the Essex County Sheriff ’s Department since 1976. It houses inmates with less serious records as well as those who are approaching the end of their sentences and have earned the privilege of being transferred to the lower-security facility.

The ECPRC staff provides reintegration services for inmates as part of the re-entry process allowing them to work their way from the Middleton facility to the ECPRC. As a pre-release facility it requires inmates to have added responsibilities including increased program requirements and class participation, as well as additional work assignments, community service or work release.

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165 Marston St. Lawrence, MA 01841
(978) 750-1900, ext. 4309