Inmate Communications (Telephone & Tablets)

Inmate Managed PAN System

Upon incarceration, all inmates will attend an orientation class explaining the rules of the facility. At that time, they will be instructed on how to access the inmate phone system.

Inmates manage their own list of phone numbers on their Personal Allowed Numbers list (PAN). Inmates are allowed a total of ten (10) active telephone numbers and an unlimited number of inactive phone numbers. Inmates manage what numbers are active.

Family members cannot call to have numbers added or changed to phone list.

All inmate calls are subject to telephone monitoring and recording, except pre­authorized numbers for an attorney*.

Attorney Calls

*See For Attorneys and other professionals section of the ECSD website or click here.

Attorneys need to follow the instructions listed on the following document in order to have their phone number(s) added as a privileged non-recorded number.  For changing or adding phone numbers on the Inmate Calling System, please click here.

Visit Phones

Private telephone lines have been installed in the visiting area for the convenience of inmates and their visitors. These phones are subject to monitoring and recording.

The penalties for the damage or destruction of the phone system are disciplinary action with a possible sanction of loss of visitation privileges and restitution for damages or replacement cost.


For information on telephone calls and video visits, please click here.

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For information on tablet subscriptions, please click here.