Victim Services

The Victim Services Unit provides post-conviction information, support and valuable resources to eligible victims of crime, witnesses, parent/guardian of minor aged victims and/or family members of a homicide. Upon certification, victims are entitled to receive a 14-day advance notification of the following:

  • Transfer to a less secure facility
  • Final release date from custody

Emergency notification will be conducted upon an immediate change in status, which includes:

  • Court ordered release
  • Parole release date
  • Escape
  • Death
  • Transfer from one county facility to another county facility
  • Transfer to a state facility from a county facility

The Victim Services Unit collaborates with other victim service providers to ensure a safe and effective outcome for victims impacted by crime. This confidential service is a key component in helping to prevent further victimization.

To contact the Victim Services Unit, please email or call 978 750-1900 ext. 3628

Available Resources: