Essex County female pretrial and sentenced inmates formerly housed at MCI Framingham will now be housed at the Suffolk County House of Correction located at:

Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department

South Bay House of Correction

20 Bradston Street

Boston, MA 02118

MAIL:  Must have inmate name and number on outside of envelope.

TELEPHONE:  617-635-1000

TO LOCATE AN INMATE: Please call Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department at


CANTEEN:  Friends and family can:

Call Access Corrections @ 1 866-345-1884

Come to the front lobby of the Suffolk County House of Correction and use the kiosk machine

Mail a MONEY ORDER to:

Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department

South Bay House of Correction

Inmate Name and ID number

20 Bradston Street

Boston, MA 02118

No Cash or Personal checks are accepted.

Money order must be made payable to Inmate

For more information, click on link below to go to Suffolk County House of Correction website.





The female detox unit provide a positive environment for detoxification and long-term planning through a comprehensive 28-day treatment program to pretrial detainees to effectively address their addiction.

Eligible candidates for the unit include individuals who have violated probation, tested positive for opiates, other drugs or alcohol and shown clear signs of addiction.

Individuals who successfully complete the program may be recommended to continue with services such as probation, employment counseling, drug testing, electronic monitoring, and in some instances sober houses.

Individualized care includes all aspects of well-being; physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual. Respect for others and the rehabilitation process, personal hygiene and accountability are expected from all participants.




WIT is a minimum security and pre-release facility in Salisbury dedicated to females. It was the first of its kind in the county, serving women with drug and alcohol addictions.

The facility provides programs and services to prepare women for life after incarceration by assisting offenders in obtaining the resources and skills they will need to successfully reintegrate into society. Various programming components include individual and group counseling, education, employment, and community service assignments.

197 Elm St.
Salisbury, MA. 01952
(978) 750-1900, ext. 3728