Capias Services

The Essex County Sheriff’s Department enforces Capias warrants issued by the courts. When the court has ruled in favor of the plaintiff against a defendant a capias is issued requiring the defendant to pay the balance due to the plaintiff. If the defendant does not pay what they owe, there are a number of options available to the plaintiff. One option is a capias arrest. Capias are issued through the court and authorize a Deputy Sheriff to physically arrest a defendant and bring him/her to the court.

Essex Deputy Sheriffs are highly trained law enforcement officers and have years of experience enforcing Capias warrants. Our deputies are highly successful in convincing defendants to come to court voluntarily. This option is frequently the first choice of many attorneys/plaintiffs as it is the most cost effective. Should this option fail or should you believe that the defendant will not respond voluntarily, we can move immediately to a physical arrest at the defendant’s home or when necessary, their place of employment. Our Deputy Sheriffs utilize latest law enforcement tools and technologies to locate, arrest, and transport the defendant to the court in a safe and professional manner.

Service of Capias Fees